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Love More for Julius is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in loving memory of Julius Trombino from Basking Ridge, NJ. Julius was not only a talented musician, but also a caring, selfless, brave soul, who’s purpose in life was to help people overcome their addictions, and spread the important message: LOVE MORE. So to honor Julius and carry on his legacy, this charitable foundation seeks to bring people in recovery together through the gift of music.

Julius was a musical prodigy. He could do it all: singer, songwriter, producer, pianist, drummer, guitar player, could write & record the music for each instrument and then mix them all together to create a beautiful song. Music, through both melody and lyrics, allowed him to express his feelings in a healthy, very cathartic outlet. By listening to him play, you could tell if he was angry, sad, happy, etc. And for him, music was his artistic release. For others, it may be painting, dancing, running, or yoga. Whatever the means, it’s important for a person in recovery to find what works for them and make it a part of their daily routine.

Our foundation truly believes that music has the power to heal addiction and bring happiness back into people’s lives because we saw it happen first hand with Julius. While in recovery, Julius kept busy by attending his daily meetings, taking college classes, working out, going to the beach and hanging out with his friends, but most of all, his passion for music is was what kept him sober. Specifically, while in Florida, Julius looked forward to performing at his local coffee shops’ open mic nights each week! There, he was surrounded by supportive people who shared the same interests & challenges as he did.  These types of musical occasions motivated Julius to keep singing, playing, and performing because he had something to look forward to each week! It was at these open mic nights where Julius finally found JOY and purpose in his life.

So, in his honor, we want to bring music into the lives of individuals at-risk and in recovery. We hold concerts, karaoke nights, open mic nights, etc. so that people in recovery have exciting, SOBER events to look forward to on nights & weekends! The purpose is to create places where recovering addicts can go to have fun and feel like a normal person, without having the temptations of alcohol & drugs surrounding them.

Our foundation is partnering with sober living homes, recovery high schools, treatment centers, and community centers, to build music rooms and implement music therapy classes for those in recovery! These music rooms will be fun, safe, spaces for people to go and hang out, create music, and express themselves. Music classes, instructed by a music therapist or music teacher, will also be held in these rooms. Cathartic musical activities aiding in the recovery process, such as song writing and drum circles, will be practiced in these sessions.

Love More For Julius is determined to utilize music as a therapy tool for recovery, and also as a fun hobby/activity to maintain sobriety! We want to prove that it IS possible to have fun and enjoy life without the artificial enhancement of substances.

We believe that being "under the influence of music" is the best high in this world! We dare you to try it!

Love More For Julius PODCAST

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Julius Leaves a Legacy

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