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Michael Cavallo grew up just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. After injuries cut short his senior year as a college hockey player, Michael pursued a career in the music business. Throughout his 15-year career, he struggled with addiction, narrowly escaping death a few times. In 2016, Michael went to treatment in New Jersey and has remained sober since. Dedicating his life to helping others who struggle with the disease of addiction, in December 2017, he became a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. In 2018, Michael won the Knock Out Opioid Abuse Songwriting Contest. Using his Artistry to make a difference and inviting us all to "Take a Stand Together", he performs his winning song and shares his story at many community recovery events. Michael speaks and performs original songs at schools and various community outreach programs in the hopes of preventing others from succumbing to this deadly disease. Michael understands the struggle of addiction, and the power of recovery.

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