To provide music as a creative, therapeutic outlet for individuals at risk, or in recovery for, addiction. Under the influence of music, one can truly express themselves and heal.


1) Provide safe, sober, supportive environments where creative expression can be pursued

  • Build music rooms (in recovery high schools, sober living homes, community centers, etc.) 

2) Provide a healthy, cathartic outlet for emotional expression

  • Implement music therapy/music classes into recovery programs where emotions can be expressed in a healthy way (ex: song & lyric composition, song analysis, drum circles...)

3) Plan fun activities for individuals at risk or in recovery to instill some joy & happiness into their lives.

  • Organize sober, music-related events such as open-mic nights, karaoke nights, talent shows, & concerts!

We are confident that all of the above will aid in the recovery process & also help prevent  drug use in the first place.



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