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To provide music as a creative, therapeutic outlet for individuals at risk, or in recovery for, addiction. Under the influence of music, one can truly express themselves and heal.


1) Provide safe, sober, supportive environments where creative expression can be pursued

  • Build music rooms in recovery high schools, sober living homes, community centers, etc. 

2) Provide a healthy, cathartic outlet for emotional expression

  • Implement music therapy/music classes into recovery programs where emotions can be expressed in a healthy way  (ie. song & lyric composition, drum circles, song analysis, jam sessions...)

3) Plan fun activities for individuals at-risk or in recovery to participate in! 

  • Organize substance-free, FREE, musical events such as open-mic nights, karaoke nights, talent shows, jam sessions, & concerts!

We are confident that all of the above will aid in the recovery process AND help prevent substance abuse in the first place!  Surrounding yourself with supportive, positive, motivating people who are going through the same challenges you are is super important in recovery and in LIFE. Being able to feel comfortable enough to open up to those people in a safe, judgement-free environment is vital for catharsis, learning, & healing. But connecting with those people on another, deeper, level (like through the love of music) is a goal that Love More truly strives to obtain.

We want you to come out, support your peers, bond & make friends at our Love More events! We want you to have the opportunity to work toward the same goals & enjoy fun activities together that will bond you, keep you safe, and make you feel included and loved <3

Having a safe environment to go to, supportive people who wont give up on you, and a healthy cathartic outlet to turn to when times get tough, is vital to staying clean & living a healthy life. We want to be those things for you. Love More is an ever growing family, and we want you to be a part of it! Hope to see you at our next event!! :) 

In the meantime... be kind, be happy, and LOVE MORE <3

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