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"I can hear your melody singing, through the birds and the trees, your song reaches me and my heart"- Julius

How We Help Through Music:

Music Therapy is the use of musical interventions in a therapeutic setting to accomplish health-related goals.

Studies prove that group improvisational music therapy relieves depressive symptoms. Songwriting is also proven to relieve depression AND improve quality of life.

Julius believed in Music; It was his passion. But even more- it helped him get through the rough patches in his life. Music was always a creative outlet for Julius and allowed him to express himself and heal. Therefore, we have faith that music can help other people suffering also.

Staying busy is very important for recovering addicts. So providing them with musical activities and safe places for them to join together and support one another is necessary for recovery. It helped Julius tremendously. He loved playing guitar & singing for his friends whenever he had the chance, and he would play weekly at open mic nights in Delray Beach, FL. Music lifted his spirit along with the spirits of those around him. He would be so happy knowing that his positive influence is helping to save lives and heal addiction through music. 


"Love More" strives to provide safe, sober places for those in recovery from addiction to heal through the power of music. These venues & music rooms are environments that cultivate socialization, bonding, and healing because music powerfully stimulates the mind, body, and soul. 

Music has strong effects on the brain because it can trigger the chemical dopamine, which is part of the reward system in our brains. This chemical is known for producing pleasure feelings that play a role in reward motivated behavior- like eating, exercise, sex, meditation and other extremely fulfilling activities. Dopamine is the chemical that fuels our drive and motivation for life.  

Scientific studies show that music produces drug-like effects on the brain. Drugs also release dopamine, but the levels are abnormally high causing consequences leading to addiction, brain damage, and death. Naturally increasing dopamine levels can decrease depression, and improve attention & understanding of acquired knowledge. It can improve parental bonding and help us become more social.  

Music brings people together – it provokes emotions that can make you cry and laugh; Music can release your deepest feelings, and it holds the power to inspire and change people’s lives! It can improve mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. People experience a soul connection when listening to music and can experience relief from suffering!  

Music by itself is not a cure for all, nor is it an answer to all life problems... but it IS a powerful tool to usher in the love and emotion that binds us together as human beings. As a healthy outlet to release emotions & produce more dopamine in the brain, music/music therapy can help addicts overcome their addictions and stay clean. Music can serve as an invaluable addition to one’s life, which is why "Love More For Julius" is so adamant & passionate about bringing music into the lives of people in recovery.

We are so excited for _communityincrisis to be opening this amazing community center in Bernardsvill

A Julius Original:


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