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Our partnerships expanded in 2018 and we are excited to announce that within the past 12 months we:  

  • Implemented 2 new music therapy programs at:

    • Camp Jinka

    • Recovery High School

  • Orchestrated numerous musical events/concerts:

    • Straight & Narrow 

    • Community in Crisis

  • Created 3 new music rooms for the residents at:


    • THE VALENTINE HOUSE in Bloomfield, NJ 

    • NEW BRIDGE in Paramus, NJ

Scroll down this page to learn more about each of our partners/programs!

The residents living in the recovery homes are enjoying their new special spaces & instruments very much! We want to thank all of our extremely generous instrument donors, and everyone who helped us coordinate these music rooms/programs/events... We wouldn't be able to do any of this without you!

Now let's have a phenomenal 2019!!


Basking Ridge/Bernardsville, NJ

Community in Crisis is a group in Basking Ridge, NJ that is committed to stop the Heroin/Opioid Epidemic in this country & our local towns, because too many people have struggled with and have been affected by this terrible disease. Love More For Julius is partnering closely with Community In Crisis because our end goals are very similar: To create a community united in fighting the heroin/opioid crisis, reducing the stigma of addiction, and preventing overdoses & deaths. 

In order to save lives and eliminate drug use, we've learned first hand that keeping recovering addicts & at-risk youth BUSY with healthy, fun, & active activities is the most important thing! Therefore, we are partnering with CIC to put on awesome, SOBER, musical events EACH MONTH at the new CIC HUB!

Our goal is to give our towns' at-risk youth & recovering addicts a safe, sober, fun atmosphere to meet like-minded individuals, make friends, and feel optimistic about a bright future ahead of them that's worth fighting to live for. We want to alleviate their stresses and make them feel like kids again! :)

Please SUBSCRIBE to our email list to be notified when our next 

"SONGS FOR THE SOUL" & "ROCK FOR RECOVERY" concerts will take place!

Milestone House

Sober Living Home

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the music room at Milestone House- a sober living home in Dover, NJ! Milestone is the first sober living home to receive a music room! Julius stayed here for a while during his recovery, so it hold a special place in our hearts.

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to the amazing artists at Milestone who volunteered their time and talents to create this gorgeous space! And we obviously must thank everyone who has donated musical instruments or funding to our organization- we could not have done this without your generosity! This is a huge accomplishment for our foundation, and hopefully just the first of MANY more music rooms to come!

Thank you all for helping us make Julius' dream become a reality... we couldn’t be more grateful & proud 👏🏻

Love More For Julius - every single day ❤️

The Raymond J. Lesniak Recovery High School

Julius believed in Music; It was his passion. But even more- it helped him get through the rough patches in his life. Music was always a creative outlet for Julius and allowed him to express himself and heal.

Following in Julius' footsteps, our foundation is partnering with Prevention Links to bring music to students' lives! Since November 2017, Niki Sumka, a talented musician from Basking Ridge, NJ (and Julius' best friend), has been teaching a music class once a week to the students enrolled in The Recovery High School in Roselle, NJ. She hopes that, through music, these kids will overcome their fears, release their thoughts, gain self-esteem, and learn self-worth! We are very excited to be partnering with this amazing school! 

The Raymond J. Lesniak Recovery High School is the first public recovery high school in the state of New Jersey. Recovery high schools provide a safe space for kids suffering with substance abuse disorders to obtain their diplomas while maintaining sobriety.

We are hoping that the movement of public Recovery High Schools expands, and that music programs, classes and activities become a major part of them. That is our dream, and we are making it come true. Our meeting with the amazing Morgan, the schools' program director, was a positive stepping stone into a beautiful future. We can't wait to see what the future holds!


For two weeks during Summer 2018, we brought a music therapy course to the non-profit camp, Camp Jinka, located in Central New Jersey!

This amazing camp experience is FREE for children who are affected by cancer themselves, or whom have close family members fighting or lost to cancer.  As we all can imagine, the loss of a parent or sibling to cancer is a traumatic event that can ignite substance use/abuse.  Therefore, Love More for Julius was proud to sponsor the first year of professional Music Therapy for these campers. 

This non-profit has been chosen by our foundation because Julius’ Aunt Karen lost her battle with brain cancer 6 years ago, sadly leaving 2 young sons to deal with the trauma of her loss. Camp Jinka was helpful to them for many summers and we are honored to contribute to this noble cause.

PREVENTION IS KEY! So showing these kids (who are at-risk for using & abusing drugs) that they can use music as a healthy, cathartic outlet to heal, is very important!

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UP & COMING PARTNERSHIPS! a part of something bigger than yourself



  • YOU !?

We are constantly partnering with sober living homes & organizations all across New Jersey to create more Music Rooms/Programs, and host Music-related events!!

If you are interested in opening a music room in another state, we can make that happen too... We will just need your help! 

So, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, if you have an instrument that you'd like to donate to our cause, or if you have a passion for what we are doing and want to get involved in some way... please reach out to us! We would absolutely love your assistance to help us spread Julius' vital message to #LOVEMORE <3

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